10th Anniversary Conference: Global Mental Health Research Without Borders

The NIMH Center for Global Mental Health Research and Grand Challenges Canada will co-convene the 10th anniversary global mental health conference in 2019, bringing together researchers, innovators, and other stakeholders around the theme of Global Mental Health Research without Borders. The conference will showcase findings from cutting-edge science and identify opportunities for groundbreaking research to address the Grand Challenges In Global Mental Health.

The Grand Challenges In Global Mental Health, identified in 2011, are research priorities for achieving mental health equity worldwide, with focused attention on low- and middle-income countries and other low-resource settings. The grand challenges span the research pipeline from preclinical questions about etiology, to translational questions about developing more effective preventive and treatment interventions, to service delivery and implementation questions. These challenges require global cooperation to share research expertise, facilitate data sharing and use of common measures, amplify research capacity-building opportunities, and involve the full range of the world’s researchers, populations, environments, and cultures.

Six research tracks for this year’s conference derive from the Grand Challenges:

  • Root causes of mental illness and key targets and times for intervention
  • Prevention of mental illness and the delivery of early interventions
  • Improved treatment quality, value, and effectiveness
  • Integration of mental health services into existing healthcare platforms (e.g., HIV/AIDS, primary care, etc.)
  • Implementation of sustainable, evidence-based mental health care
  • Sustainable research capacity where it is underdeveloped

Conference activities will include:

  • Plenary sessions and keynote addresses
  • Thematic panels with paper presentations
  • Symposia
  • Poster session
  • Lunchtime roundtable discussions – Students, trainees, post-docs and early-stage investigators can join senior investigators for a lively discussion at semi-structured lunchtime roundtables

Workshop on Writing a Successful Grant Application

On Wednesday, April 10th, NIMH will host a workshop on how to prepare a competitive grant application. This workshop is for graduate students, trainees, and early-career/early-stage investigators who attend the 10th anniversary global mental health conference. Workshop participants will learn about developing a research concept, preparing and submitting a grant application, scientific review, clinical research guidelines, and global mental health research and training opportunities.